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Pattern Corrections

Corrections are in bold.

Hachiko, page 14


With smaller circular needle, using waste yarn, cast on 102 sts. Change to CC.

—posted 5/20/11

Corrections are in bold.

Honshu, page 13

Back: Shape Shoulders: Dec 1 st each side every RS row 6 times, EVERY row 6 times, then bind off 2 sts at beg of the next 6 rows - 90(102-114-126-136-148) sts.

—posted 4/26/11

Corrections are in bold.

Jidai, page 15

Bottom left column - AT THE SAME TIME, when there are 66(70-71-77-82-82) sts remaining on front and back sections, shape front neck as follows:  Mark center 34(34-35-35-34-34) sts on front section.

Next Row (RS):  Continuing to work decs as before, work to marker, bind off center 34(34-35-35-34-34) sts, decreasing 4 sts across, work to end.  From here you will be working back and forth.  Continue to work decs at markers as before (decs that are worked on WS rows should be worked as p2 tog).  AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st at each front neck edge EVERY row 12 times.  When all decs have been completed, end on RS.  P the next row, dec 12 sts across – 94(94-95-95-94-94) sts.  Bind off.

—posted 3/11/11